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We Have Been Busy

The Epping Garden Club here in NH has been busy weeding and watering the new landscape at our library along with a few other volunteers from town.

The Children’s Garden was added with the help of a #PLANTAMERICA Grant in the amount of $1000.00. We are grateful.

We also have our own gardens to tend to also with many challenges when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

The town can only offer us water from the sewerage plant and that is not allowed in the food garden for sure and is sketchy at best for a gorgeous, 95% native plant landscape put in just a month ago.

Now we will look for holding tanks and rain barrels to care for them when the weather doesn’t. As gardeners we roll with what we are dealt.

Square Foot Garden mulched to retain moisture and block weeds
How Does Your Garden Grow?

Published by Eunice Miller

Retired female trucker Photographer Watercolor Artist Gardener Jewelry maker(beads and glass) Animal Lover Blogger lol but you knew that lol Find me at Folsom Mill Studio on Facebook Please feel free to email me at if there is an image you would like to buy or an Original Watercolor or print or maybe a card of the painting you enjoyed.

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