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A take on the Square Foot Gardening from the 80’s
It is producing nicely. This is a photo from 3 weeks ago.
Veggies garden club members started from seed.
Children’s books are also featured. One of the Trustees makes the cutouts to go with the book.
The Sensory Garden took shape in the donated canoe.
A cutting garden keeps a vase full inside the library to greet visitors.
The native landscape is also loving all the heavy rains.

So with our $1000.00 grant from the Nation Garden Club “Plant America” award we have exceeded even our expectations.

We no sooner had all the gardens planted when we were told by our town we were not to water it, as they posted a water ban. It had been dry but we were never in a drought. The town always has issues as I am sure others do but seriously no even/odd days offered to the towns people or businesses, no heads up or plan for our landscape worth over $40,000.00 when you add in all the volunteer labor it took to put it into place.

So up against the wall a volunteer and long standing member of a town family, one who’s last name is also a part of of our libraries name, offered us an unused 1500 gal. tank and one of the garden club members as well as the lead on the library trustees purchased a pump to hang inside the tank and the cord to run it as well as hoses and wands to water this huge landscape. All of us were determined to not let all of the efforts put into this landscape just shrivel up and die.

The landscape was divided into 3 sections and volunteers signed up to not only water but also to keep the area weeded, which was a bigger task in the end as once we were set up to water all it did was rain, for the rest of the month of June and most of July, it could hardly fail but the weeds are relentless as most gardeners know and we had used the smother method(cardboard) and a thick layer of wood chips, for which I am grateful.

We have been enjoying lettuce, peppers herbs and squash but the tomatoes are looking amazing though still green. We also have pumpkins growing and a few ears of corn that are in the square foot garden and already have silks the corn may not be any good but it showed all who stopped by what was possible in a garden of their own.

Happy gardening!


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